Investing In Africa

Investing in Africa has been online since 2001, and while much of the older information is no longer useful to businesspeople, some of our reports may still have historical or current interest. Here are a handful of them. They retain their original formatting.

Major events in Burundi's business activity for the first nine months of 2002 are presented in an annotated map. The information came mainly from the Burundi Quotidien website,, and the base map was from a US Government map at

The incentive and investment regimes of all Sub-Saharan African countries are presented in a major survey undertaken by Investing in Africa in 2001.

The comparative industrial advantages of Sub-Saharan states are presented in a study from 2001/2.

Africa Asia Enterprise was a weekly newsletter that ran from March to August 2004, presenting business and economic news and comment for low income countries in the two continents. 21 editions are available:

AAE1 / AAE2 / AAE3 / AAE4 / AAE5 / AAE6 / AAE7 / AAE8 / AAE9 / AAE10 / AAE11 / AAE12 / AAE13 / AAE14 / AAE15 / AAE16 / AAE17 / AAE18 / AAE19 / AAE20 / AAE21